Different Types of Realistic Breast Forms

Everybody knows the ample bosom is one of the woman’s best glories. But far from every lady can boast about having an ideal or perfect set of breasts. This results in many women that deciding to resort to various methods of the bust enlargement; as follows: cosmetic surgery with implants, augmentation or a lipo-filling. But what about those that are afraid to go under the knife or have any contradictions to the surgical intervention? In such cases, breast forms come for help.

What are Breast Forms for?

If you want a full bust but are afraid of endangering your health, artificial breasts is a perfect way to enhance your look. Breast forms are used in the following circumstances:

What Types of Breast Prostheses are?

Breast forms made from silicone are very comfortable. This material is soft and cannot lose shape; it corresponds to the natural breast form. In addition, there are different types of the silicone prostheses as follows:

  1. Separate prostheses. The prostheses are put into the bra cups. It is the most suitable option for women who have one lacteal gland or in the case of the breast asymmetry. The form should be tightly fixed in the underwear; otherwise, there is a risk of implants dislocation; that looks unnatural and unaesthetic.
  2. Combined breast prostheses. It is one of the most convenient options because silicone prostheses are integrated and fixed into the bra. Therefore, putting on such underwear you can safely go out to dance or appear on stage without the anxiety of prosthesis dislocation. This particular type is well suited to men who project themselves into a feminine character.
  3. Silicone forms on the chest. If these forms are put in the bra cups, the mammary glands will lift up and visually appear larger. There exist a host of underwear varieties with the integrated forms made from the foam or filled with gel. It is a perfect device for the girls who wear the dresses with revealing areas, such as clothing with an open back and shoulders.

How to Choose?

Determined with the type of the lacteal gland prosthesis do not jump to purchase the first available product. It is very important to choose the most suitable breast form for you that will not cause any discomfort. In the process of buying the artificial breast forms consider the following aspects:

If you have an opportunity, it is necessary to try on the breast forms before a purchase. If it isn’t the right size or type; it is possible that the woman will have a sense of discomfort as itching or a sense of tightness.

What are Realistic Nipples for?

Oftentimes in specialized shops or online, you can see so-called the “nipple stickers”. They are actually a useful device which may be applied for different circumstances:

  1. For a more comfortable process of while breastfeeding: during the teeth cutting period in children, in cases where the cracked nipples occur as a result of breast feeding, or if the children have any pathologies of the buccal cavity construction.
  2. Sometimes women use the artificial nipples with the aim to make the breasts more glamorous and attractive (for instance, wearing a swimsuit).
  3. There are also the opposite circumstances where the sticker presses the natural nipple and consequently make it invisible. It is a very convenient device for the ladies who wear revealing clothes with open areas. Garments that exclude wearing a bra and the prominent nipples may substantially worsen the beautiful look.
  4. There are also multicolored nipple stickers. They may be ordinary or with the different decorations (tassels, rhinestones, ribbons and so on). These are an integral part of the creation of a dramatic character with a revealing garment.

You should remember: nipple stickers may accidentally unstick or dislocate so be attentive.

Are There Any Disadvantages?